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Security Systems

Whether for home or business, a security system is both a powerful deterrent and useful tool. With so many different security systems available, it can be difficult to know which type of security system best suits your needs. This guide aims to outline the key factors to look out for when comparing the various security systems available.

In general, security systems can be broken down into three main groups: monitored, unmonitored and wireless.

As their name suggests, monitored security systems are monitored externally. This means that if one of the alarms is triggered, the call center will contact the police. However, these systems not only require you to pay for the equipment but you will also have to subscribe to a monitoring contract. This makes them the most expensive type of alarm system.

Unmonitored systems set off a loud sound and sometimes shine flashlights should an alarm be triggered. However, unlike monitored systems, these systems rely on your neighbors to contact the police if the alarm goes off while you are not home. The great thing about this type of system is that you will not have to pay monitoring fees and the alarm can scare away burglars. However, you won’t be notified if there is a break in while you are not home and if your neighbors do not hear the siren the police will not be contacted.

Wireless systems are the cheapest type of alarm and can be easily purchased from a hardware store. These alarms are easy to install and there are plenty of styles to choose from including cameras and motion sensors. If one of the alarms is triggered while you are away from the house you will be notified by text message. The main drawbacks of this type of security system are that sometimes cameras and sensors cannot be spread too far apart and you will need to regularly replace the batteries.